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Sahel Capital Announces Investment in Ladgroup Limited

Sahel Capital, fund Managers for the Fund for Agricultural Finance in Nigeria (“FAFIN”), today announces that definitive agreements have been executed for an investment in Ladgroup Limited (“Ladgroup”), an indigenous agricultural company that engages in the processing and export of shea butter.

Ladgroup commenced operations in 1972 with the exportation of shea nuts, cocoa, ginger, coffee & gum arabic, and became the largest exporter of shea nuts and cocoa. The company is currently focused on the value addition of shea nuts through processing into shea butter for export on an industrial scale through its factory located at Ikenne‐Remo, Ogun State.

Ladgroup has built strong relationships with leading global shea stakeholders with an interest in West Africa, and has executed off‐taker agreements with some of these stakeholders. With the investment,