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PEVCA was formed in view of the need to promote the development and influence of the Nigerian private equity and venture capital industry.

Its core objectives are identifying and championing the interests of its members on matters affecting or relating to the industry. These include promoting ethical and professional standards, regulatory advocacy, capacity building, creating meaningful networking opportunities, data and resource material collation and distribution.

Why Join PEVCA?

PEVCA through its membership has an important and impactful role to play in key areas such as regulation, capital accretion, deal flow opportunities, industry/market intelligence and capacity building.
As an industry body, it provides a unique. platform to converge fund managers, LPs, and service providers to the industry to:
  • Leverage the benefit of synergizing and speaking with one voice in addressing industry specific issues.
  • Represent & participate in regulatory and policy advocacy for the industry. The need to take a proactive position on this is vital.
  • Establish more cohesive, mutually ben¬eficial engagement with the PFAs with a view to driving more asset allocation to the sector.
  • Build strong relationships with the investor community locally and globally.
  • Align with best practice standards in business conduct and professional com¬petence.
  • Participate in knowledge sharing and professional development opportuni¬ties

Member Eligibility

Eligibility to become a Member of the Association is restricted to qualifying general partners, venture capital investors, and other reputable corporations or firms whose business, include the following:

  • making (whether from its own resources or third-party funds) and/or managing venture capital and private equity investment.
  • making long term equity or quasi-equity investment in unlisted/private Nigerian companies.
  • whose main objective is long-term capital gains
  • who actively provide management support to investee companies
  • Privately negotiated investments in listed entities

Eligibility also includes qualifying LPs, institutional investors who invest directly in PE-VC funds and other investors who invest through structures such as Fund of funds.

Associate Eligibility

Eligibility to become an Associate of the Association shall be restricted to qualifying persons, reputable corporations or firms whose business includes the following:

  • advising on venture capital and private equity investment
  • providing professional services to participants within the Nigerian private equity and venture capital industry
  • associations or special interest groups, supporting or influencing the development of the Nigerian private equity and venture capital industry;=
  • financial institutions (including alternative lenders), providing financial facilities to the private equity and venture capital industry
  • academic, research-based institutions, think-tanks, policy institutes who have strong affiliations to or are actively involved in the private equity and venture capital
  • individual private equity practitioners in Nigeria(senior fund executives) that have operated or are operating in the private equity space, including those not operating in Nigeria or who do not operate through or within a registered firm;
  • such other persons as the Board may in its discretion, approve, including on therecommendation of the associateship committee.

Member Benefits


  • Member Interviews
  • Member Directory
  • Member Case Studies
  • Newsletter Feature
  • Training Facilitation/Webinar Panel Inclusion
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Committees/WorkingGroups


  • PEVCA Webinar Series
  • PEVCA Blog Series (members can submit industry-relevant articles for publication on PEVCA platforms)
  • Trainings and Masterclasses for PE/VC Professionals


  • PEVCA Annual Conference
  • PEVCA Quarterly Breakfast Forum
  • PEVCA GP/LP Summit


  • PEVCA Member News
  • Annual Member Survey
  • Dedicated support rep
  • PEVCA Member Status

Member Fee Structure

GENERAL PARTNERS Fund managers who make equity or quasi-equityinvestments in unlisted Nigerian companies. Includes Direct Investors

Funds Under Management Annual Dues
< US$25m N500,000
> US$ 25m – US$50m N750,000
> US$50m – US$100m N1,000,000
> US$100m – US$150m N1,500,000
> US$150m – US$250m N2,000,000
> US$250m – US$350m N2,500,000
> US$350m – US$500m N3,000,000
> US$500m N3,500,000

a) Institutional investors that provide capital to PE and VC managers. Include DFIs, public & private pension funds/PFAs ,Insurance companies, Government funds, Sovereign wealth funds, and Endowments.

b) Third-party Fund managers – invest in secondary funds, funds-of-funds, discretionary and non-discretionary funds managers, multi-family offices, investment consultants/advisors.

Funds Under Management Annual Dues
< US$ 500m N700,00
> US$500m N1,500,000

Associate Fee Structure

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FIRMS Service providers to the private equityand venture capital community. Include but not limited to law firms,consulting/advisory firms (including financial advisers), fund administrators,accounting &auditing firms, research & publication firms.

Service Provider Annual Dues
Nigerian registered service providers N1,000,000 (flat)
FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Banking institutions that provide financialfacilities, such as debt, to the private equity and venture capital industry, aswell as alternative lenders. N2,000,000
ACADEMIC/ RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS, RELEVANT THINK-TANKS Education or research-based organizations that are actively involved withthe PE-VC industry in areas such as research, education, curriculadevelopment etc N250,000 (Local–based) N900,000 (International institutions)