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The Private Equity Women Investor Network (PEWIN) and PEVCA, organized an investor roundtable discussion and holiday dinner, December 2018. The event brought together senior female investment professionals and entrepreneurs who engaged in an interactive discourse and shared insights from their diverse experiences operating in the Nigerian market.

Featured speaker Morohunke Bammeke (MD, PAL Pensions) and Moderator Tokunboh Ishmael (MD, Alitheia Identity and current Chair of AVCA) guided conversations around the impact (if any) of the upcoming elections on investing in Nigeria among other topics of relevance. The general view holds that so long as the elections take place as scheduled and Nigeria has a sitting government, the private sector will move forward with its business plans while continuing to observe developments.

With respect to the PFAs, it is expected that the Multifund structure guidelines issued by the Pension regulator will influence their willingness to increase investments in alternative assets.

One of the key outcomes was the need to strengthen and nurture the community of female professionals in the PE ecosystem where mutual support translates to investment deals, increased representation in decision-making roles and greater support for high potential female entrepreneurs.


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