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PEVCA Partners With FSD Africa On Its Africa Private Equity And Private Debt Program

FSD Africa today announces the signing of co-operation agreements with AVCA, EAVCA, SAVCA and PEVCA to coincide with the launch of the Africa Private Equity and Private Debt Programme. The programme is a new initiative to support the development of private capital markets in Africa as a complement to public capital markets. It will work to improve the long-term financing options available for businesses across key sectors in Africa’s economy, including healthcare, climate and agriculture.

Economic Review of Nigeria

Economies across the globe continue to fight to remain resilient in a post COVID environment while some remain in distress.

In this session we discussed the Nigerian economy against the backdrop of global and emerging market indicators, persistent constraints to her growth and what needs to change about Nigeria’s current economic

Webinar on Navigating the Crisis

In this feature, we invited the West African team at McKinsey & Company to share their insights on current developments with respect to COVID’s economic impact, emerging trends in select sectors and how private capital investors should be positioning.

KPMG – The Finance Act, 2019

The Finance Act introduced key changes applicable to companies irrespective of their industry. The Act modified the commencement and cessation rules, provided clarification on the Excess Dividend Tax and harmonized the various exemptions / conditions under which concessions can be enjoyed during business reorganization.